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Five Reasons to Choose Open Source Services for Your Business

Open source services are loaded with the best advantages for any modern online business. With numerous businesses running partially or fully on the Internet and other heavily depending on digital media like their website to communicate with current and prospective customers, your space on the internet becomes even more significant. These five reasons below should effectively illustrate just how beneficial and advantageous open source services are to your business.

1)    Versatile: Open source services can get just as much accomplished, if not more, for your business as opposed to their modern counterparts. For instance, there is nothing ASP. Net can accomplish in the sense of functionality that PHP cannot. In fact, the latter has numerous advantages over the former. Indeed, many of the most popular websites available online have been created and designed using open source software such as Facebook on PHP, Twitter, GitHub on Ruby On Rails, The Economist on Drupal, and Harvard University on Joomla.

2)    Affordable: Almost all open source software is absolutely free. And those that do require some payment are priced reasonably and within any company’s budget. This significantly reduces overall development cost. All you’ll be responsible for paying is the time and effort of web developers and designers, in accordance with other services such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization. In addition, resources like templates, themes, plugins, and other extensions are available, of high quality, and also free of charge.

3)    Support: There exists an enormous open source community around the globe. In fact, every certain technology has their own dedicated communities that are tasked with developing and releasing the latest software for sustaining discussion forums. If you ever find yourself in a situation during or after the development process where you don’t exactly know how to make the most out of your software then you can always ask for help and receive a timely response. You can also check online, there are practically libraries filled with information on every technology.

4)    Resources: Plenty of resources are made available for open source technologies. These resources include, but are not limited to, plugins, extensions, modules, themes, templates, and other add-ons which render your website appealing and give it a well-rounded look, in addition to helping it run smoothly. Furthermore, a lot of these resources are free of charge or moderately priced.

5)    Freedom: Probably the best benefit and advantage associated with open source services is it gives you complete and total freedom. You won’t be required to select a specific extension if you wish to select a different one. Likewise, you won’t be tied to a certain hosting company just because the business you purchased the software for requires you to also purchase their own hosting services or else your website will not be developed. Furthermore, since it all at your fingertips you can add, modify, detract, edit, or customize the core code as much as you like, whenever you like.

Therefore keep these five reasons in mind when you come to explore your open source service options.

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