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Important Characteristics of a Solid Homepage Image

One crucial component of a web design is its homepage image. This image is the welcoming mat for all who come to visit your website. It gives the visitors an impression of you and your business and what to expect from the rest of your website. Therefore, it is pivotal you design the best web image you can, because it may just be the factor that leads to the success of your business or its downfall. Additionally, contemporary internet users utilize their smartphones or tablets to gain access. And due to the smaller sizes of these screens your image may just take up the entire space. Therefore, if visitors aren’t immediately enticed and intrigued by your chosen image they will most likely skip ahead to something else and never give you a second thought.

Therefore how do you come up with a suitable image that is able to truthfully represent your business and capture an audience’s attention? These four characteristics are aspects you should look to apply when creating and designing your homepage’s image.

1) Quality: Image quality is a major factor that helps inform a visitor whether your business is legitimate or not. Visitors can infer whether an image is high in quality or not, even if they give it a quick scan. Don’t go after cheap images that save you from spending too much, but give you images that have poor composition, lighting, and focus. Instead you can purchase stock photos or hire a photographer.

2) Big and Vibrant: Pictures or images look better when they’re seen close-up. Of course not all images, but those that have a vibrant look to them do. By choosing a relevant, suitable image that fills up your screen you give visitors a grand welcoming. However, keep in mind that not everyone operates on the saying that bigger is better. See what works, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience either. Settle on a size you feel is right and see how your visitors respond to it.

3) Enough Room for Text: Now if you do go with a big image always be sure you have room for text. This can be where you put in your company’s slogan. It gives balance to your homepage that visitors can appreciate. It also provides them with context as to where they are instead of just staring at an enlarged image. A slogan and maybe one or two sentences welcoming visitors to your website can go a long way.

4) Stands Alone: It is better if you don’t pair or place your image on homepage sliders. The homepage image should be given enough emphasis by having it stand on its own rather than with three or four other images. Singular focus must be paid to your homepage image, otherwise your visitors won’t know where to look.

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