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Mobile Application Trends Projected to Take Over in 2015

As we get deeper and deeper into 2015, mobile technology experts are already giving their two cents on what trends are bound to emerge and dictate the current market for mobile applications and development. The popular belief is mobile application development will still continue to be at the forefront as a maximum revenue generator, not just for this year, but the coming years as well.


Research complied, laid out the stepping stones of which mobile application trends are set to take 2015 by storm:

First is the bold prediction that Androids will overthrow iOS. Android Apps Developments continues to expand at a rapid rate as a mobile apps development platform. As current research indicates, Android dominated 78 percent of the market share in 2013, which in turn ballooned to a staggering 80 percent in 2014. Therefore, it is perfectly rational to assume Android growth will witness a few more steps up the mobile technology ladder in 2015; as major search engines such as Google aim to further improve their mobile operating system platform(s).

Now with every rise, there must be a fall. Such is the case in 2015 when the introduction of new platforms in the mobile application field will spur on more web-based apps as opposed to native apps. A web app is an application program that is stored on a designated server and can be transported over the Internet using a browser interface. Whereas a native app is an application program that has been designed for a specific purpose on a singular platform or device. Now because web apps are more malleable than native apps it is safe to say 2015 will see a high rise of them with various operating system platforms; while native apps become more and more obsolete.

Furthermore, attachable devices and other connected objects are expected to take a leap forward in 2015. One prime example of this is Google’s automated home gadgets such as smoke detectors, and thermostats, NEST. It will also be made possible to sync up the device to a smartphone app in order to send notifications to the user, indeed as Samsung recently unveiled a washing machine that can be used by a wireless remote control, taking the concept of connectivity to a whole new level.

It is also highly probable that cloud applications will gain prominence in 2015, as they allow users the option of connectivity and the ability to upload and download data from anywhere, at any time. Therefore, most business apps will certainly take advantage of the cloud application features.

Finally the convenience of parallax scrolling is set to hit the bigtime in 2015; as more businesses seek to improve the visual appeal and navigation of their mobile apps. Parallax scrolling enhances interactive user experience and operates at a high level among most browsers.

With all these upcoming developments, businesses should keep a close eye on these latest trends if they intend to make a big splash in 2015.

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