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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Ready Made Websites

At surface level ready made websites appear to be a good idea and serve as a nice launching pad for you internet marketing campaign. However, before you commit to a website someone else has made consider all the pros and cons that go with it.

Some people provide complete and finished sites including all the written content, however you should only really use these sorts of sites if the content has been solely written for your business, otherwise stay away. It can become difficult to interject your own voice on content that has already been realized and written.

WordPress and other content management system (CMS) websites like Joomla and Drupal are finished website management programs. They manage all what happens behind the scenes and permit you to take hold of every component of your website without having to know the technical details that are making the website fully operational. This has been a growing preference for most as statistics show one out of every six websites use WordPress and works quite well.

However, like with any popular program WordPress attacks hackers as well. Yet as long as you keep WordPress updated then you are in no real danger or risk of danger. Updates are automated and used to combat hackers and spammers. Plugins and themes also have periodical updates, but you have to install them manually. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a ready made website such as WordPress is that all the technical aspects are performed and handled without you having to worry about doing them yourself.

Likewise, the biggest disadvantage of using WordPress is that if you want your website to perform something specific, but is not available on any of the plug-ins then you will have to hire and pay someone to develop that for you. Yet this only happens when you really want to perform a complex task or function.

Another disadvantage of WordPress is that other people use, making it so everyone of you has the same design. Of course you can modify your site by using the different theme options, but that only offers a minor difference.

However, you can try to make ready-made themes as unique as possible without having to pay hundred even thousands for your own customized theme. You can create a header image to make the site look different to you and try to separate it from the rest.

If you have the money to spend for a custom build website then spend away. However, websites like WordPress and Joomla give those businesses who can’t afford lavish web designs a chance to make a name and place for themselves online.

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