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Remarkably Facebook has one tenth of the world’s population as registered, active users, making it a haven for promoting products and services to targeted audiences. Receiving maximum, even minimum exposure throughout Facebook can mean a lot for your business. However, there are certain limitations: Branding your image or company name, having a personal design that is clear and distinct from others, adapting and incorporating features within Facebook can be a technically challenging task, distributing your content via newsletter, and inability to connect and communicate with non-Facebook users.

Likewise, having a link to your Facebook page has become a common standard adopted by most online businesses.

Now WordPress is a site dedicated for heavy blog use. If you choose to buy a domain name and a hosting service, then you can acquire a website that has over 30,000 plugin options that cover and provide almost every application and feature you could think of or need.

However, if you have a WordPress blog or website and a Facebook fan page, it is likely that you will have to manage content on both systems. This creates double the work for you and your business which you can’t really expend. In order to solve this issue you will have to merge the two using WordPress plugins and Facebook applications. So, when you come to post content, images, videos etc. on one website, it automatically appears on the other.

And once you have successfully merged your WordPress or website with your Facebook page then you can certainly extend your customer base.

You can establish a Fan Gate that invites Facebook visitors to like your fan page in order to attain access to the content located within. This is a terrific system way to ear fans, particularly when joined with Facebook’s advertising system.

However, if you only intend on using your fan page for promotional purposes expect to hit a brick wall soon. Fans are not the same as say your subscribers to your newsletter.

Communication with fans is restricted to the creation of an event. However, these events do not have the sophistication like a sales letter provided by your own Autoresponder system. And there is no way of setting up an Autoresponder system within Facebook. Therefore, if you have to promote your product or service then you will have to establish a website in order to integrate a newsletter with an Autoresponder option.

Using the promotional advantages found on Facebook and the countless plugin features on WordPress make for an impressive combination that works toward the benefit of your business.

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