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There can be somewhat of a learning come if you’re new to the process of constructing a website. All that goes into a design can be overwhelming, you have to consider every single detail if you want your website to stand out from the rest. Most new businesses start by using WordPress to meet all their website needs.

First off it is good to know what exactly WordPress is and what it does. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which basically is a place where you can store all things related to your website. For instance when you create a website and add words, images, or send out e-mails informing people of your newly created website for your business; WordPress is a tool that enables you to store all that content.

Plenty of people utilize the services of WordPress. Well known bloggers, news sites, Fortune 500 companies, and much more use WordPress to power their websites. To get started with WordPress it is recommend you set-up a profile on rather than This is because with you have full access and control over your website. Whereas with you are somewhat limited in overall control. Additionally, with you host the site with your own host provider and can perform whatever tasks you set-out. And both options are free of charge.

When it comes to the steps involved in creating your website it is best if you settle on and buy a domain name. Always pick a domain name that faithfully represents your business and is easy to remember. From there, purchase a hosting package so you have a place to park your website when you need to. Then comes the installation of WordPress itself.

There are several ways to go about installing WordPress. First you can just go to, download the software and install it on your server. Second your hosting company might provide you with a simple and quick one-click installation option to install WordPress. And third, you can always hire someone to install WordPress for you.

Regardless of what method of installation you use, WordPress is a proven way to get your website set-up and launched. Businesses of various fields continue to employ the services of WordPress and have not regretted doing so.


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