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As any online business owner will tell you, the hardest thing is to generate and receive a consistent flow of traffic. The internet is home to millions of websites filled with billions of pages, making your website a speck that has yet to be truly discovered. Depending on how you choose to approach matters, it can take up to a full year before you begin to witness anyone other than yourself, friends, or family visiting your site.

If you’re not involved in local business then it may behoove you to consider to look at offers that claim to drive thousands, possibly millions to your website; be wary of scams and fraud though. Besides if you are in fact buying all those users it stands to reason that some of them will subscribe to your newsletter or buy something from you doesn’t it?

The short answer is that inexpensive or immediate traffic rarely generates or yields anything of substance. It is very important you ask yourself where the traffic is coming from.

Typically the answer is that it’s either not real people who are accessing or visiting your site or if they are, they view it for a split-second before exiting, which doesn’t do your business any real favors.

Of the former, these are robots that have been programmed to behave as human beings visiting a website. They can certainly arrive for long enough to register in your site analytics and therefore you see an increase in traffic.

The latter option of real visitors is often orchestrated by something called a pop-under window. That is a new browser window that pops onto your screen, typically underneath the window currently open.

If you’ve visited sites like TripAdvisor you’ll have seen this in action, they seem to generate new browser windows with tedious regularity. Other less admirable sites often engage in the same technique.

As previously mentioned, these visits will indeed register in your site analytics, however most people have trained themselves to close these new browser windows that pop up before the page even has time to fully load.

Moreover, some traffic sellers will claim that they are sending you traffic that has been generated by recently expired domains. The reasoning behind this is that these domains still have some links pointing to them and that those links generate clicks. The reseller then directs some of those clicks to your website. The traffic may or may not be relevant to your site and users may or may not like what they see if and when they reach your site. This sort of traffic is usually inexpensive and that should give you a hint of what the quality is like and of the traffic you’re likely to get.

As a rule of thumb, the only real way to buy traffic to your website is to pay for each individual click using something like AdWords or programs similar to it. In reality you’re probably paying as much for one visitor as the marvel traffic sites claim to charge for thousands of them. However, you stand a much higher chance of generating the traffic that does more than just raise your analytics figures.

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