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How to Build a Basic Website for Your Business

Building your own website has become much easier and accessible over the past few years. What used to be a complicated, overly technical process has now been simplified with certain programs and drag and drop interfaces that require no coding whatsoever.
In fact what’s gotten even more complex and difficult is boosting your SEO ranking on the top search engines. As expected Google is the dominant search engine used by a large majority of Internet users as most searches are performed through Google’s search tool.

Usually free websites, which can be fully constructed and registered online in a matter of hours sometimes, are connected or linked to a larger website company which translates into your domain name adopting and having the name of the website as well. This usually means that your newly established website won’t rank particularly well on the major search engines.
Therefore when building a basic website and ensuring that is in fact successful, you need to be able to attract customers from searches performed on top search engines like Google, Yahoo. Thus if you can effectively develop and nurture this skill then you set up a website which will rank reasonably well for your main keywords.

Additionally, keep in mind that if your site ranks well and stays at or near the top of the searches for your main keywords, it means that you have established a strong source of free customers for a promising period of time. Accomplishing such a feat is worth potentially thousands to your business; and if you weigh the several advantages of paid advertising either off line or through Google’s AdWords program or some other online advertiser such as Facebook, then you can see how much your site is really worth.

Building a website for you business, if you haven’t already done so, is a major and crucial part of its success. This is especially true for a local business which operates in a particular geographical region. This is due to their competition for those main keywords will be considerably less than, for instance, a global company competing internationally for a certain product or service.

Furthermore, it is entirely in your best interest to get your domain name right when deciding to build and establish your website as well. And despite Google recently placing little significance on domain names for keyword rankings, it still has a considerable impact on whether a site is ranked and how well it is ranked on those specific keywords.

When building a website you should also take into consideration the keywords you’re planning to use. Properly researching and pinpointing which keywords best fit your website and business can be all the difference in having hundreds of visitors (or more) per month as opposed to no having any at all.

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