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Generating More Clicks on Your Brand’s Facebook Ads

In the world of online marketing, using Facebook ads to promote your business can have a major influence on your ROI, sometimes for the better and other times for the worse. If your ads fall into the latter category they are probably irrelevant, unsubstantial, bad timing, poorly thought-out, and poorly targeted ads are the downfall for a lot of businesses. For every unsuccessful Facebook ad translates into a missed opportunity, wasted capital, and a potential scar on a business’ reputation. Therefore, if your aim to generate as much traffic as you possibly can using Facebook ads then you should definitely pay attention to your Cost Per Click (CPC) rate on your campaign. Below are a few tips that are designed to help you generate more clicks on your Facebook ads and not end up on the short end of the Facebook ad stick.

First is knowing your audience. While this may seem like an obvious tip, it’s far from it. Numerous businesses have no real idea of who their target audiences are and therefore spend needless amounts of resources on a service that will only result in an expense. A good way to go about targeting your audience is to examine what your business offers and who is in need of that product and/or service. Until you are sure of the customers who are truly in need of your product and/or service, only then will you witness in a higher click through rate on your Facebook ads.

Second is to create more than just one ad. It will behoove you to create more than one simple ad. Doing so enables you to structure your message in several different ways, creating a variety of possible creative ads that attract customers. Not only that, but working with more than just one add allows you the opportunity to experiment different methods of advertising. What if you have an ad that is solely images, perhaps one that is text based, or one that combines both elements, and so on. Your ultimate goal is to appear diverse; as diversity opens you up to more people as everyone has different sensibilities. Furthermore, once you run the ads you can single out which one generates the highest click through rate and utilize that.

Another tip is to replace the default image assigned to your ad. Facebook usually has an image that is meant to ‘represent’ your business, but really this is a stock image of little imagination. Therefore, you should remove and replace it with your own image (recommended size is 600×315 pixels). Use hues that are vibrant and attract the eye. You can use text, but don’t overstuff the image with text. Additionally, stay clear of using white or blue as they colors don’t stand out as much compared to others. And most importantly make sure your chosen image allows your audience to discern what your product/service is immediately.

Incorporating these tips should yield better results when you decide to dabble in Facebook ads. However, if that is not the case then do not hesitate to pull the plug and try something different.

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