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If you have a website and are thinking about putting advertisements on it then there are a few things you should know. First finding advertisers who agree to post ads on your site is difficult as it is, negotiating a price however, can be even harder.

In order to avoid awkwardness or embarrassment do some research on the advertisers that approach you. Give a fair price after considering what value you hold within the overall market and go on from there. Below are seven steps that are designed to get you through the process of finding advertisers for your website at a price that works for both you and them.

First step: Research and look at some of your competitors’ websites to see if they are using ads that advertisers are paying them for.

Second step: After you’ve taken a look at their ads, find out just how many visitors they receive on average. You can utilize the tool of Alexa to get a good idea on what their volume of traffic is and use your own traffic levels as a point of reference. If you are unaware of what kind of traffic your website receives then be sure you retrieve that information as soon as possible. An advertiser will likely ask for it if they are to conduct business with you and your website.

Third step: You can then contact those website owners and ask what their rates are for putting ads on websites. Be specific in what you’re looking for. Look at the existing ads on their sites and use their dimensions and locations as a point of reference.

Fourth step: Gather and place all responses and feedback you get into an excel spreadsheet to effectively determine type of costs connected to levels of traffic.

Fifth step: Come to a firm decision on what you should charge based on your own website and the volume of traffic you receive. Also be sure to add a disclaimer of some sort as traffic levels are always subject to change either for the better, or worse.

Sixth step: Use the time you have to reply to all requests you receive, targeting those adverts you know will be relevant and suitable to your targeted audience.

Seventh step: In order to locate relevant ads you can always go and take a look at your competitor sites and see what type of ads they are using. From there contact several websites who provide those ads relevant to your website and audience and finalize a deal.

Following these steps will have your website littered with interesting, relevant ads in no time. Get started today and watch as your business flourishes.

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