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Keeping up with all the latest technological trends and developments are a sure way to remain active and relevant on the internet market. Below are four ways to stay with or ahead of the competition in 2014:


Get a Mobile Website: At one point it was suggested that an online business have a mobile website, but now it is absolutely mandatory in order to achieve maximum internet marketing potential. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets people have become more accustomed and have developed a preference for accessing the Internet and purchasing products/services on the go. In fact during 2013, 10% of sales revenue of e-commerce business was generated from sales through mobile devices, with the percentage expecting to increase within the coming years. Therefore if you wish to retain current clients and connect with new ones then start and develop a mobile website for your business today.

Concentrate on Re-targeting: According to research, approximately 2% of first time visitors to an e-commerce website actually buy a product/service. Therefore, re-targeting is getting those first time visitors to return and make a solid purchase. This can be achieved by using browser cookies and employing a program intentionally designed for rolling ads. Thus whenever the visitor logs on to another website, a link will appear on that site which leads the visitor back to yours. It is better the ad be made to target the products the visitor viewed when they were on your site and perhaps include a special offer.

Utilize Social Media Advertising: This perhaps one of the biggest and most popular trends of internet marketing. Social media ads pop-up directly within the content of the social media platform rather than on the side bars. For instance, with the social media giant Facebook, ads can be seen in the ‘News Feed.’ Such ads have a much higher click rate, usually 50 times higher, as opposed to ads featured on either side of the web browsing screen.

Use Real-time Marketing Techniques and Analytics: It is always better to target prospective clients in real time rather than wait around. This can effectively be accomplished through social media networks such as Twitter which offer real-time interaction between business and consumer. Real-time analytics are also valuable to your conversion rate, as they equip you with detailed information and allow you to raise the overall efficiency of your marketing plans and campaigns.

Therefore take these tips into serious consideration. One option may be better for your marketing plans than the others however, always try to excel at each one.

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