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Adding Your Voice to Your Content

Countless of writers find it difficult to interject their own voice through their work. Mostly because they have always been taught to write formally rather than loosely and creatively.

And thus, most writers seldom break the habit of formal writing and instead let their personality shine through their work. Such writing can seem dry, uninspired, and begs the reader wanting more. Therefore, in order to write with more style, flair, and most importantly your own voice keep these things in mind for the next time when you sit down and decide to write.

Find and Write About What You Enjoy: In order to help pull you out of your old writing habits you should find and use something that you enjoy doing or reading. Whether it makes you cry, laugh, happy, etc. it involves some sort of emotion that is being stirred within you which is precisely what your writing needs. If you enjoy reading a specific blog,look at how the writer begins his/her posts, the sort of language they use, and what is it that keeps drawing you back. Finding answers to all these inquiries will give you the insight you need when you come to write to/for your readers.

Stream of Consciousness Writing: This strategy is often employed to help invoke creativity and ideas. All you have to do is sit down with a pen and paper in hand and just write. Write whatever comes to mind, anything at all, it doesn’t have to make complete sense, just as long as you are writing. It will allow your creative juices to flow and unlock you inner voice. You may even be surprised by what you produce and find a way to incorporate that style into your content.

Focus: If your writing tends to become too vague, then you will most likely lose your voice. If you aren’t clear or sure on how to say or communicate what you want, your readers won’t be able to follow the structure or flow of your writing. To solve this always approach your content with a clear purpose on what to write about it then start. Because the more focused and on the ball you are the better content you’ll write and the more enjoyable it will be for your readers.

Read Aloud: This may sound strange and unusual, but reading your content out loud can tell you a lot about your style of writing. You’ll notice where it flows nicely and where it doesn’t. You’ll also notice whether your voice is present throughout the piece or not. Reading your writing out loud gives you perspective on where it is and where it can go.

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