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Basics of Simple Blogging: Performing Keyword Research

While blogging may be easy, you definitely don’t want to waste your time blogging about something no one has any interest in. If you have a blog for your business the entire point was so you would have another outlet to reach and connect with customers and prospects.
While easy blogging is indeed a real thing, it is best if you do some background work and discover who is looking for the sort of content your business is offering and promoting, and exactly how people phrasing it on search engine like Google when they’re searching for it.

Since blogging is relatively easy, entailing that you write out content and share it with your audience you first need to find that audience. Therefore, conducting your own keyword research will tell you how to market your blog and what words to use that ensure people find your blog.

You should always remember to utilize on page SEO techniques by looking up what people are searching for then proceed from there.

And while there are numerous keyword searching software tools you can buy. It may be better and less expensive to utilize what you can get for free. For instance, the free external Google keyword tool works superbly because you can get plenty of ideas out of a single phrase you search for. In order to access this free tool set-up a free account, then log in on

It is also better if you are able to identify “long tail,” keyword phrases on the basis that the longer the phrase, the less competition there is on the rest of the Internet, which greatly increases your chances of appearing on Google.

You should also select around three to four keywords that are all similar in meaning. Once you settle on your main keywords, be sure to include them in your title, your first sentence, your last sentence, and throughout the post intermittently.

And since Google has recently modified its algorithm making it so your blog is dependent on how popular it is in order to appear on Google search result pages (SERP). This is why you shouldn’t trouble yourself spending large sums of money on keyword software tools that will not get the job done. Instead, as long as you are able to find and settle on a few appropriate keywords and phrases, not to mention produce quality content and promote that content on various social media networks, getting strong backlinks from high quality sources, then your blog will do just fine.

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