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Benefits of Writing Your Blogs to a Targeted Audience

It isn’t unheard of that internet marketers attempt to target just about everyone who can read when it comes to writing their blogs. However, this can be a serious mistake you would otherwise be better off avoiding.

While it may seem plausible that the wider your target audience is the more people will read your posts. However, contrary to this assumption a broad blog makes it more difficult for the reader to establish any sort of connection with what you post.

People usually turn to blog posts to try and get answers to specific questions they have. Therefore, if your audience isn’t able to find the answers they need from your blog post given the fact that is covers a broad range of topics, but none of them focused or specific to what your audience is looking for you can expect they will turn their attention elsewhere.
As is the case with a broad blog post, while you cover more surface area by having your blog reach a wider number of people you still fail to capture the reader’s interest making broad, general posts highly inefficient. The reader could also stand to reason that the blog isn’t meant for them, that it won’t address or solve their needs and questions. The result of which will lead the reader to stop from continuing to read the post and never return.

Therefore, you should always center your blog based on the needs of your audience rather than try and establish a blog that satisfies everyone. These types of blogs seldom work, but a focused, specific blog that addresses issues your target audience has is a sure way to building relationships, offering valuable answers and advice, engages them, and generates positive feedback from those who have read your post and wish to thank you for aiding them in solving their problem.

Furthermore, when your target audience feels that they have read something that seems to have been written just for them it is highly likely they will return to your site and pass your blog along to other friends who share the same interests, issues, and concerns that your blog addresses.

For the entire premise of creating a marketing blog is to share your knowledge and expertise with readers, in accordance with retrieving leads and generating sales. Readers won’t find any value in what you post if it is too broad and general. Therefore choose a specific audience to write to and for, making your blog posts much more effective and valuable to your target audience.

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