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Best Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Website traffic is the core of any thriving online business. To a certain degree it is usually quality over quantity however, you still need traffic to flow to your website otherwise you’re left with nothing. Here are four sure ways of directing traffic to your website.

1-Make it search engine friendly: Google and other search engines alike are some of the best ways to cultivate and generate traffic to your website. These search engine expertise lies in matching up the search terms that users type in and link them to the pages that display or are the best match for those words. Therefore, be sure that your website is search engine friendly, there are SEO plugins for WordPress that render this quite easy. Additionally, be sure that the content you upload to your site gives answers to potential questions or inquiries people may have.

2-Target long tail phrases: The chances of your site appearing at the top or near the top of the results page for any short keyword phrase are just about zero to none. Long tail keyword phrases, usually comprised of four words or more, are much easier to target and are also much more likely to meet the particular requirements of searchers. One way to locate such phrases is by using the suggestions that Google displays whenever you begin to type a word or two. These phrases are the most current source of keyword information on the internet and are usually simple to rank for as they don’t usually show up in the keyword planning tool.

3-Acquire relevant links from other sites: Quality counts just as much if not more for the actual content uploaded on your site. Relevant links could be acquired from an industry directory or, somewhere relevant in an article on another site. Some sites promote you to submit “guest posts” which can include a link that redirects to your website. Others are more prudent and you have to first build up a relationship with the website owner before they’ll allow you to publish your material as a guest post. Google doesn’t like paid-for guest posts so be wary with this tactic, but so long as what you do is principled then you shouldn’t run into any severe problems.

4-Help/Assist other people in forums: It seems that forums have been around longer than even the internet. While this of course isn’t true, you should make use of forums as they’re public bulletin boards where people gather and exchange information, discuss topics of interest, etc. They tend to be more concentrated than websites such as Facebook or Twitter, and will often find people asking questions perhaps relevant to your business in which you could promptly provide an answer for. If you happen to be a regular on forums and help people out then it is likely you will develop a relationship with that forum and your profile will begin to trend as you’ll be recognized as a trustworthy source, helping attract more visitors to your website.

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