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Common SEO Mistakes Even Big Companies Tend to Make

When it comes to something as strenuous and complicated like SEO expect to make mistakes. Some of the best companies that have been employing SEO for years have made mistakes so don’t assume you are any different. Below is a list of common SEO mistakes a business can make. Take a look and learn from them as you start your business or are already in the process.

Having a URL structure that is not descriptive. In keeping with keywords, your URLS should be short and rich with descriptive detail. Thus URLs that are purely automated and ID-based will not be useful or helpful to your SEO ranking.

Another mistake is having CMS generated URLs that appear long and distorted. There are several ways a content management system can mess up your URLs. From a SEO perspective you would want to be in total control of category-level URL modification.

Linking to various homepage URLs is also another common mistake companies tend to fall into. This happens when you click on your homepage link or company logo and will be redirected to the page’s duplicate copy on a different URL rather than going back to the original domain.

Making the wrong choice when it comes to tags or meta descriptions can also lead to site problems. People should always make sure they create title tags and meta descriptions that are appealing and easy to follow. For having a strong tag or meta description is just as important, if not more so than having a high CTR and a high conversion AdWord ads rate.
It also does a business no good if their content and reviews do not come from users or visitors. Improving you website can be based on user-generated content and reviews. You have to make sure when you post content that users are able to see it and comment on it. Search engines love unique content therefore publish interesting content that gets a response out of users improving your conversion rate and SEO ranking.

Businesses also make the error of drawing in search results from category pages. Sometimes, category pages that are significantly lacking in content are merely search results being drawn to a page. While this may help a user to an extent, it is far better including more substantial text in order to give search engines a little more to go by. The text doesn’t need to be long and complex, just short and straightforward enough to get to the point.

Some businesses also rely on flashy content rather than interesting, relevant text. Using content that has more flair and substance can only get you so far. Publishing such content will do no favors for your SEO ranking. Therefore, always make it a first priority to publish rich, dynamic, unique, relevant, and interesting content. The form it takes is up to you, whether you want it to be in images, videos, written text, it does not matter as long as it shares information that is valuable to your audience then you will notice an increase in your SEO.

Study these mistakes and make sure your business doesn’t fall into them.

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