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Content Marketing Remains King of the Hill When it comes to Online Business

Back in the day Internet marketing wasn’t as complex and challenging as it is today. Today there is a gauntlet of issues and concerns an online business must address if they plan to be incrementally successful. This area of marketing can sometimes be a hostile environment as businesses compete for high ranking SEOs on major search engines like Google which tends to keep online businesses on the fence with all its updates. Yet no matter how many updates Google releases, one thing remains true; high quality content whether written, video, audio, images, or otherwise will score big points with the search engine giant and earn your business a high SEO ranking.

People today are met with a variety of choices. Getting their attention can be easy, retaining their interest however is a completely different animal. Therefore, you should not disregard the power found within strong content marketing. The statistical facts found below should give you a clear indication on just how a well-written content filled with interesting, valuable information can significantly amplify your website.

First a staggering 90% of customers say they are genuinely interested on customized content which pay special focus on the products and/or services a business provides/offers. Based on reports, customers enjoy perusing through websites that discuss their products and services in-depth through the content they produce. Customers feel that such websites are aware of customer needs and want to satisfy those needs.

Second company websites that feature a blog separate from its usual business pages, have a strong tendency to attract more leads with the statistical feature going as high as 67% as opposed to other websites that do not have a page that is solely dedicated to blogging. Customers find blogs to be more engaging and interesting as they wade through your website looking at and reading your content. Additionally social media networks are great places for you to share and disseminate your blog posts.

Thirdly, there existed a time where online businesses paid little attention to content writing. The exponential rise in content marketing came about by a big number of businesses deciding to outsource their content from freelance and ghost writers. There is also an increase in companies that still outsource content. As projected, the increase stands at 7% as opposed to the previous year.

Fourthly, 61% of all customers feel better and more confident when they are conducting business with companies who have their own blog page on their website that posts and shares all the latest relevant, interesting content. Blogs show an increasing role in customer decision on whether to do business with a specific company or not.

Finally, people like to follow brands on the social media profiles. On that note, great content is among the top three reasons for visitors to also check your social media page after having visited your website. Statistically 23% of visitors devote time everyday to reading interesting well-written high content blogs.

Therefore, content marketing still has tremendous influence and power over the success of your business. It can help drive high volumes of traffic to your website, make you a favorite of visitors, and helps to greatly improve your SEO.

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