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Creating a Successful Vlog

Video blogging or vlogging has grown and is one of the most popular things to do on the internet now. People can’t seem to get enough of vlogs and some YouTubers are basing their livelihood off them. It has reached a point where some have quit their day jobs and have dedicated themselves to becoming professional vloggers.

In short a vlog is a video log or blog. It serves and functions like a journal entry, but in video and audio form. The user then uploads their vlog for all who stumble upon it. Some vloggers will record and upload significant moments from their lives. People seem to be attracted toward vlogs because it gives them a glimpse into how someone lives.

Granted it is hard to imagine how someone or some business can make money out of vlogging, but it is possible. A network may decide to pick up a blog because of its high viewership and overall rating. From there the vlogger will be paid a certain amount for every vlog they upload. They will also be held to a film schedule where if violated then certain penalties would be a result of that like not getting paid for that particular vlog etc.
The vlogger can film a video about whatever they wish and then edit the video so that the advert of their sponsoring network will appear at the end of the video. Additionally, they will need to feature a disclaimer at the beginning of the video noting that their vlogs are sponsored by such and such. The more people watch the video then proceed to click on the advert, the more the vlogger will make.

When it comes to shooting the video things may get a little tiring and boring, but it has to be done. Once you decide to dedicate your life to a vlog you have to record with a high-quality camera. Your video’s resolution matters a great deal to your viewers and will ensure you have a loyal following. If you continue to put out inefficient videos then expect to lose popularity and viewership fast.

It is also important to have an upload schedule to go by. This lets you and your viewers know when the next video is coming out. Otherwise, if your viewers don’t know when to expect the next upload then they may tune you out and move on to something else.

If you’re a business consider making your own blog. Your content can be simplified and shared in a video. You can make vlogs on the different products and services you offer and how they work. You can also feature customers who have used your products/services and check in with them. You can also advertise your products on popular vloggers relevant to your niche.

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