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Five Copywriting Tips for Your Online Marketing Strategy

There are several ways in which you can modify and improve your online marketing strategy and as result, leads to an increase in sales and revenue.

Skilled professional copywriters have their own techniques and strong writing capabilities that influence a customer to purchase a product and/or service. You can hire a professional copywriter or learn the techniques and apply them yourself to your website and other online marketing strategies.

Additionally, these five copywriting tips can be applied to you online marketing strategy in an effort to elicit positive responses from your e-mails, adverts, blog posts, or articles.

1)    Use a Headline that Grand the Reader’s Attention: The headline is usually the most important aspect of your online advertising strategy. The headline ultimately determines whether the reader chooses to proceed with the rest of your content or simply brushes you off. Therefore, you headlines should always be specific, interesting, and indicative of what’s to come. Your headline needs to posses these qualities if you’re going to hook the reader and make him/her want to find out more.

2)    Address the Problem: An effective online advertising strategy lets your targeted audience know that you can resolve their issues, concerns, and provide answers to their questions and inquiries. You have to demonstrate that you know the intricate details of what makes their problem a problem and how to provide a solution. This is one major aspect of copywriting, you need to forge or find common ground that allows you to build trust with your readers and not talk down to them. From there show them that their problems can be resolved by offering substantial information and knowledge.

3)    Layout and Format: One of the most prevalent mistakes you can make when copywriting or writing any other kind of content is to break and split the content up into easy read sections. Words that are clumped together in lengthy paragraphs without any breaks are difficult to read. Therefore, in order to make things easier on your audience, be sure you are able to effectively communicate your message in a writing manner or style that has a clear beginning, middle, end, and flows smoothly.

4)    Call to Action: You may have a well-written piece of content, but if it doesn’t inform people of what to do then they simply won’t do it. Therefore, you need to set a call to action in place for people to respond to. Yet be sure you don’t fall into the cliché phrases that are meant to stimulate a call to action. Phrases like “Act Now!” “Order Here!” and so on are empty phrases people tend to just gloss over. A better way to resonate with people is to address the customer’s problem by offering a solution. For example if you are selling products that kill germs then instead of using a shallow call to action phrase you could use something like “Yes, I want to keep my house clean and germ free!”

5)    Use PS (Postscript) in Your Copywriting: Usually people disregard the sales copy and go right for the price point and postscripts to a get a clear idea of what the page is about. You can also use PS to inform the customer of what they might miss if they choose not to take advantage of the current offer.

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