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Getting People to Leave Comments on Your Blog

Many different people blog for many different reasons. Some do it as a hobby, some do it professionally, some use it as a creative expression, while others use it as a marketing tool. Yet, no matter what you use your blog for, you can always spur responses from people and get them to engage in conversation.

Major search engines like Google pick up on those blogs that generate user responses and comments, operating on the notion that the more people leave comments on your blog, the more Google will like your post. So you can always make it an objective to post quality, relevant, interesting content that leads to reader discussion on the content. However, sometimes good content doesn’t quite make the grade when it comes to encouraging readers to leave comments. Which might cause you to wonder what you can do in order to get people to leave comments?

One thing you could do to get more people to leave comments on your blog posts is to flat-out tell them what you would like them to do. Sometimes giving clear instruction is all you need to do to get people to open up and start a dialogue. Of course do so cordially, you should never make it seem like a command. Having a sentence or two at the end of the blog post where you state, “If you enjoyed what you read, feel free to leave a comment and share in a discussion with others.” Sometimes letting people know that a line of communication is open and available is enough to get them to participate and engage in conversation online.

One other way to get people to leave comments is to have your readers share your blog posts on social media networks like Twitter or Facebook. The more shares you get the more exposure your posts get, which may result in an increase in leads and sales. Once again you can simply tell people what to do. Use the respective logos of Twitter and Facebook and ask your readers to ‘share,’ this post via these social media networks. Sometimes just placing the logos aren’t enough. People may still not be aware of your needs therefore it is up to you to tell them to share your posts if they have enjoyed reading them.

Getting as many people involved with your blog is most definitely a good thing. It gives you the exposure you need and makes your blog noticeable in the eyes of Google. Just keep blogging and leave helpful, cordial, instructions on how people can help you after you’ve helped provide them with excellent content.

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