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Google Rank and Google Authorship

Google Rank and Google Authorship share a few qualities, but are hardly the same thing.
When it comes to Google Authorship, it is a tool that provides an assortment of techniques and methods that link your original content with other regions across the World Wide Web. Google Authorship also allows you to access information about an author when you conduct a search. The sort of information you will have access to is typically the author’s photo profile, social media networks/platforms the author is part of, byline, and a link that will provide you the option of discovering more in-depth information about that specific author.

When it comes to Google Rank, it is the product of a search result. It is the search engine’s duty to supply a ranking over any topics or issues you search for. It also works in favor for your business as the more high quality, rich content you provide, the better ranking you’ll receive. As a result you can use your high ranking and use it to catapult and drive your business forward, introducing you and your business to a wider audience. However, keep in mind that your ranking is solely virtually based and may carry no weight in the physical world. But ranking helps get your content out there and allows you to build and maintain strong connections and relationships cultivating a sense of trust and credibility to your business.

Of the two, Google Authorship can give you more than Google Rank can at this given time and also due to the current ranking of your business on major search engines. There are a lot of advantages to Google Authorship and perks when used correctly.

For instance people will begin to pay attention and notice your byline meaning that people will start to pay attention to what you and your business is doing, they will then get in contact with and start forming relationships which is exactly what you want to happen.
Additionally, more people will be eager and willing to click through meaning the more you upload and share your content in a positive, interesting light the more success you’ll see.

Your reason for sharing and making you content available is so that people can come across, read it and become invested in your content and consequently your business.
Google Authorship isn’t prejudiced between small and big businesses, mostly anyone can benefit and take advantage of what it has to offer. This is of course dependant on how rich, relevant, and consistent your content is.

Acquiring a Google Authorship account is quite easy. Add a profile photo on your Google+ account and be sure that your byline, which includes your name, is visible on every page. You should also make sure that your name on the byline matches with your Google+ account to avoid any mix-ups. You should also have your e-mail address as part of the same domain as the content you’re uploading is, connecting everything.

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