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Significance of Hyperlinks in Your Web Content

Once you have your website all set up and running, consider adding hyperlinks to your content which will improve your overall SEO and also allow access to your web pages and blog posts from other links. Setting up and creating relevant hyperlinks that leads to quality information helps cement your credibility and allows your business to be in association with other proven businesses and establish connections. Some of your links will direct visitors to other areas on your website such as the ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ pages. While other links will transport users directly to third part websites that have agreed to share your information with its visitors. In simple terms, a hyperlink is a clickable word or section that then redirects a user to another web page on the internet. Hyperlinks can also be used to access videos or images. Anchor text is text that the link is attached to. This can be the same as the link text itself or a particular keyword of phrase.
In addition if you have a lengthy articles that requires scrolling down the screen, it would be useful both to you and your readers if you add links that lead to specific areas on the page, sort of like a ‘Table of Contents Page’ you’d find in a book. Supplying these hyperlinks will significantly help your readers navigate through the page seamlessly and without having to keep scrolling. Therefore, in order to fashion a unique ‘id’ hyperlink of the section you’ve designated your first step it to highlight the section of the text you want the link to lead to. You then create the ‘id’ for that specific section. You create the hyperlink itself by using a HTML code, here’s how: Create the ‘id’ – <a id=”newtab”>#1: Open Links in a New Tab</a> Create the link – <a href=”#newtab”>back to tip #1</a>
You can also add text that pops up when your mouse hovers over a link. This text can be used to add any extra information regarding the link. All what you need to do is enter the “hover-over” text in the title box of the hyperlink tool. Give some consideration in what to add, don’t just add something in there for the sake of it. Moreover, users usually have the option of opening a hyperlink in a new tab or window, however there is a way to cause the link to open in a new tab (it is better to have it open on a new tab rather than a window for the convenience sake of your readers) each and every time. If your hyperlink goes to another website then it is best to employ this technique so as readers don’t lose your page as well. When creating the link all you need to do is check the box titled “open link in new tab/window,” and presto you’re done. One of the key benefits of having links open on a new tab or window is that it improves your bounce rate on Google Analytics.
Use hyperlinks to your advantage, share more with your readers, and link up with established websites to help increase your SEO.

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