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10 Features You Should Have on Your Social Media Dashboard

If your business has ties to different platforms of social media then you should certainly make use of the dashboard to help build your brand and effectively market it to potential and current customers. Therefore if your business does have accounts on various social media networks, but is not taking advantage by having your dashboard keep tabs on all social activity  then here are 10 features you must add to make your dashboard and online presence on social media that much more present.

1)    Ease of Use: Always make sure your dashboard is easy to use and navigate. If it is too complex or clunky it will hold you back rather than push your forward.

2)    Comprehensive Coverage: A key reason on why dashboards are so useful is because they allow you to manage all your social media activities from a central location. A dashboard is only as good as its social media platform allows it to be; therefore be sure you are on a social network that gives its dashboard a wide range of resources and features.

3)    Multiple Layouts: Different tasks call for different information to be processed and presented. A dashboard enables you to customize your current task, saving you much time and effort.

4)    Helps You Be Organized: Dashboards are great for simplifying the search process for finding something you have previously posted or shared.

5)    Focuses on Relevancy: As you may have found it is difficult to separate clear-cut, valuable analytics from simple noise. A dashboard can help you retrieve the data your business craves and needs, eliminating any additional, unwanted data.

6)    Real-time Monitoring: Since social media focuses on what’s happening now, it is only fitting that the monitoring feature offered by dashboard are able to keep up with conversations occurring in real-time. Additionally since you can’t keep track of every conversation a notification system must also be built in to ensure you don’t miss an important conversation.

7)    Streamlined Publishing: This dashboard feature makes posting on social media so much easier. And by selecting and employing a dashboard that streamlines publishing, your company is always part of relevant topics and conversations.

8)    Collaboration Features: Perhaps the most successful tools and features of social media marketing plans are those that make use of every member and aspect of a business. A dashboard that enables you to delegate responsibility to your social media marketing team saves from taking on the bulk of the load yourself and helps divvy up the division of labor.

9)    Focused on Community: Since social media is one big online community, make sure that your dashboard is able to support that sort of activity.

10)    Blends in Other Aspects of Marketing: You should always try and merge your marketing efforts together. Having features on your dashboard such as automated reports that can be share with team members, customers, or e-mail subscribers is a vital component of any decent dashboard.

Now that you are aware of the 10 features that make a good dashboard great, go out an experiment, utilize, and see how well these features work for your business.

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