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Usually Facebook isn’t necessarily the highest destination point when it comes to B2B. Because of its B2C ties, not to mention its recent limitations which render it as an unfriendly platform to algorithm updates leaving many B2B marketing strategist to question with success can be achieved with B2B through Facebook. While it may seem like a daunting task, keep in mind that Facebook is the largest, most popular, and most used social media network out there. It also features stronger responses and results from audiences with new techniques such as paid promotions and mobile users

Therefore when considering Facebook for B2B here are some points to ponder:
First always focus on quality rather than quantity. While this may be an obvious point however if you’re simply dishing out boring content just to meet a quota then you are seriously damaging your online reputation. If you are having trouble finding compelling, unique content then limit your posts to 2-3 times per week. You can still bring in decent amounts of traffic, but still it is always better to be as creative as possible.

You should also think of creative ways of informing you audience about the latest news and developments at your business. For instance if you have a new vice president, don’t just give a short, boring introduction about them in a press release; instead you can share a professional photo of your new peer with your audience. You can also have the new VP conduct a quick Q and A with users.

Also when you come to post content of Facebook, go for something different, something that gets you noticed. Don’t try too hard though as people will immediately see right through you. Instead try to find rich content in the form of images, videos, and links that helps explain and expound on your company’s message.

One other way of increasing B2B usage and success on Facebook is considering paid promotion. Naturally this may be a difficult decision to come to as you have enjoyed free and effective advertising so far. However, looking at the bigger picture paying for advertising on Facebook costs a lot less and reaches a much wider audience than say paid promotions through LinkedIn or Google AdWords.

Finally the Content Marketing Institute reported that this year, B2B marketers make use of around 13 strategies for their business. It was also reported that 81% of marketers are utilizing Facebook, yet only 30% are optimistic and confident about its overall efficiency. You should always have a clear list of priorities when it comes to marketing your business, especially when it comes to social media. Therefore, it is ok if you place Facebook at the top, middle, or bottom of your list just as long as you are executing the best possible internet marketing strategy for your business.

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