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Best Reasons to Spend a Little More Time on LinkedIn

As a business owner you are most probably aware of the countless social media opportunities designed to promote your business, expand your customer base and sales, and take your business to a higher plane. Now the obvious social media options are either Facebook or Twitter, but don’t be so quick to dismiss LinkedIn. If this is a social media website you don’t think is worth your time then you should seriously reconsider by looking at these five reasons to spend some more time on LinkedIn.

1)To Grow Your Network: One of your main goals when using LinkedIn is to expand your network with clients, potential customers, and co-workers. Taking care of this now by connecting with business professionals and prospects in your field will pay dividends in the long run.

2)Participate in Group Discussions: You should consider joining a group on LinkedIn if you haven’t already to discuss target topics with other members. By making your presence felt offering answers or asking insightful questions will cause people to take notice of and connect with you.

3)Opportunities Will Come to You: Regardless of whether you are looking for potential clients or looking to land a new position, the more time you spend on LinkedIn the better chances you’ll have of opportunities coming to you. Additionally, you should always be direct and clearly state what you wish to accomplish using a social network like LinkedIn, this will ensure that the right business opportunities will come along as you use LinkedIn.

4)Meet and Connect with Other Who Share Similar Business Interests: You can connect with other business professionals in your field and form bonds that help carry over strong professional relationships.

5)Keeping Track of Others: With the help of LinkedIn you can keep track on the latest updates you clients post, what your business associates and prospects are doing, putting you in a beneficial situation.

Now it would be illogical to assume that you should spend hours and hours on LinkedIn. However, you should utilize this social network as much as you possibly can. The five reasons listed above should give you a clear indication on what LinkedIn can do for your brand even if you are fairly new to the process of running an online business.

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