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If you utilize the services of social media networks in the hopes of promoting and gaining profit for your business, then you understand the hard work it requires and the time and effort one needs to expend in order for your business to blossom on social media. It has been demonstrated that social media is a great resource for businesses to tap into and connect with their target audience and what they want and why they need it. However, it can be a little difficult interacting with customers as they don’t necessarily a person behind the screen, but more of a business. It is up to you to correct this misconception. You understand how valuable customer feedback is therefore put your best foot forward and strive for and promote interaction, discussions, and conversations with your audience using these five methods.

1-Videos: Videos are one good way to reach and connect with your audience. It also helps show them that there is someone behind the computer screen and that care about the audiences’ needs and wants. Therefore, make the best use of videos by posting a few of your blog posts and upload them to YouTube, Facebook, or both and see what kind of responses you generate. Just always be sure to invite viewers, readers to leave comments in the comments section to begin a conversation.

2-Questions: This is perhaps the simplest yet most effective ways of reaching out to your audience. Ask them what they think of your products, services, and the like and what you as a business can do to improve. They’ll appreciate the inclusion and you wanting to hear their voices directly.

3-Be Natural, Be Yourself: Do away with any scripted dialogue, or anything else that makes you sound like a corporate robot. When you’re engaging with your audience on any given social media platform, don’t afraid to be yourself. Granted you should always behave professionally, but allow your audience to get to know you. Establish a personal connection with them by sharing a humorous story, perhaps if you’re really outgoing an embarrassing one, your own personal likes and dislikes, favorite foods, etc.

4-Google Hangouts: Google hangouts is free, quaint, and easy to get set up and started. Through Google hangouts you are able to communicate with people in such a way that it practically feels that you are all in the same room. Hangouts also allow you to respond in real time to your audience. You can ask and answer questions, exchange and share information, and just be you.

5-Be Present: People want to and should know that they’re thoughts and opinions matter. Therefore, make sure you take your time when responding to people who leave comments on your website, or share something about themselves, or mention or share your business content with others. Doing so will let them know you care and appreciate them and in turn they will appreciate you.

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