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Five Ways of Directing Traffic from Twitter to Your Website

Twitter has become one of the most accessible and used social media platforms in recent years. Yet there lies a discrepancy when it comes to traffic regarding this social media giant. Some claim it is quite easy to generate and direct traffic from Twitter to their website, while other argue just the opposite. Some are able to direct waves upon waves of traffic while other would consider themselves lucky to have 10 followers. Twitter has close to a billion users throughout the world, making it a highly fertile ground to procure a decent amount of followers from Twitter to your website. Below are five ways of doing just that.

1-Use Twitter to Search and Connect with Your Target Audience: Twitter offers a search option which enables you to search for other people who belong to your particular circle. All what is required of you is to type in a few keywords on the search box and then you’ll be able to see content as well as people related to that keyword; take this opportunity to interact and introduce yourself to them and start building relationships.

2-Make Your Target Audience Follow You: Try to drive people to follow you by promoting certain products, services, content that your business offers. Don’t do it too much though or else it might be classified as spam. Set the wheels in motion and let the rest take care of itself. Those who are interested in what you have to say or offer will gladly follow you. And once they do redirect them to your website for more fresh content.

3-Learn How to Copywrite: Most businesses fail to generate followers on Twitter because they post content that is irrelevant to what their business actually is and people tend to see through such ploys of attention. Instead you should publish content related to your website, is fresh and will motivate whoever reads it to follow the link to find out more on your website. Thus you need to sharpen your copywriting skills in order to come up with compelling content. Publishing interesting and unique content will also help improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) on Twitter.

4-Encourage People to Tweet on Your Blog: If you have a business that has its own blog, encourage people to post/tweet on that blog. It opens pathways your users can make the most out of and helps increase traffic to your webpage. Additionally it keeps you and your company active on Twitter to the point where your business begins to trend and is noticed by more and more people.

5-Measure the Results: Don’t forget to track and examine the progress of your work, because it will make all the difference. You need to understand what works and what doesn’t toward directing more traffic to your website. Once you know what exactly works best for you, you’ll use more of and consequently get better at it.

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