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If your business has a YouTube channel then getting as many views as possible is a must. There are a number of way you can generate more views on YouTube, yet some tactics need a small army or outsources, or specialized and expensive software that don’t quite work if you run a small business or do not have the necessary resources.

However, thankfully there are far more easier, less expensive ways of getting more views on YouTube. First it is always good to see what your competition is doing in terms of raising their YouTube viewership. You might learn a thing or two. Once you’ve taken a glance at what your competitors are doing, try these methods out yourself and see if they increase your YouTube viewership.

1)Share Your Video with Everybody: If the contents of your video are filled with a broad range of things that may interest a wide number of people, then start sharing. Each and every time you encounter someone online, let them know you have a video up, or give them the direct link. You can also include the video in your signature on your social media accounts so everyone following you will know it exists. This may feel like you’re taking baby steps, but it makes a difference when you see 5 views go to 50 then 100 and so on.

2)Comment on Other Videos: Find videos you enjoy and comment on them. Don’t just comment on every single video or else you’ll be accused of spam. Leave a well-thought out comment and include a link back to your YouTube channel. This also works on blog posts and forums, as long as it is suitable and you are not imposing on anyone, leaving a link is fine.

3)Get More Friends on YouTube: Try to strike up friendships with people and then begin to network with them. You can share each other’s videos with your respective audiences granting you exposure on both sides. Do not try this with competitors though, it will make you seem desperate. Instead try networking with others who are involved in a sub-niche or side-niche. Do not exhaust this method though, otherwise you will receive a warning from YouTube. Treat it as a long term plan rather than trying to get over 50 friends immediately.

4)Promote off YouTube: Another way of acquiring more YouTube views is promoting your videos on various places online. However, stay within your target audience. Therefore, if you have a video about camera work, go to blogs or forums that specialize in film or photography leave a comment and a link to your video on that post. This method of generating more YouTube views works better because you are reaching out to people who are already interested.

Don’t stress over which option you should use, all are available. Find the best that work for you, what you find to produce the best results and stick with that. You’ll soon be watching those viewing numbers climb in no time.

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