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There are certain that apply to life, as there are certain rules that apply to business and furthermore there are certain rules that apply to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Etiquette is important no matter where you are or go. If you behave rudely people will definitely notice and choose to avoid you. Thus it is imperative to keep in mind that if you run a business it is vital you follow the proper etiquette on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to ensure your businesses’ success. Social media today makes it easier for all people to follow etiquette and make communication and exchange of information that much more meaningful. Yet there are still those who deliberately choose to cause disorder based on online anonymity. People believe that if they don’t use their real name or contact information then they are free from the possibility of being found out. This perspective is completely askew, for it is very possible to find out who that rude, obnoxious person is and reveal them to the rest of the community. As you take a gander at all the future trends on Twitter, it is best that you carefully consider which trends you choose to become involved with. Some trends will be a perfect fit for you, while others may have no relevance to you whatsoever and may even risk harming your business. Therefore, when it comes to picking out trends, follow those trends that you believe will serve your business well. Regardless of what you do, you must always ensure that you invoke a positive response from your followers and keep the integrity of your reputation intact. This means that whatever you decide to share or communicate must always have something worthwhile or educational about it. You should always try to reach out and offer help in solving other peoples’ problems. You should also make sure that your content is written very well avoiding any spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes. If there are numerous mistakes in your tweets this may distract the reader from your intended message and may lead them to discredit the seriousness of your brand in the sense that if you allow simple errors to bypass you then you don’t really have a good eye for details or simply just don’t care. Yet sometimes making mistakes is just part of human nature. And with the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter it makes subtle mistakes harder to spot. What you can do is read your tweets out loud or proofread a few good times before hitting the ‘send’ button. It is also considered part of etiquette to time when you send out your tweets. Social media gives you the option of automating your posts, which can make it a lot easier than having to manually do it constantly. However, before you go with this approach make sure you are always in total control of your automated tweeting system. If anything should happen where you send out a tweet at the wrong time and to the wrong person then it may bring about detrimental ramifications to your business. To counter this using a tool like Hoot Suite where you are able to set a schedule for your tweets and have the ability to manage and monitor your tweets, you’ll be doing you business a great service. By and large you etiquette will determine the success you have on Twitter. Respecting other people and their opinions and sharing valuable information will help your reputation and credibility. Failing to do so will result in the loss of followers.

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