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Facebook can do a lot of good for your business, as it is a leading social media network. It is to be expected that if you intent or have established an online presence for your business, then you’ve also established an online presence through Facebook. Indeed not doing so would be catastrophic to your business and would cause you to miss out on prime online marketing; because it isn’t enough to just ‘exist’ online. You need to put in the effort via social media to allow your business to grow and flourish. However, not every business is adept at playing the social media game. Some businesses are even tempted to take detours or short-cuts that in-turn hurt their business and can severely damage their brand image and reputation. Therefore, be sure you avoid these pitfalls when establishing or furthering your social media marketing plan.

Serious Marketing Pitfalls via Facebook

Serious Marketing Pitfalls via Facebook

Autopilot Posts: Do all what you can to avoid this tactless, rookie mistake. You should by no means, ever set your marketing elements on social media to autopilot. It is quite probable that you will be losing value and market shares if there is no beating heart in your updates. Some businesses make the mistake of updating their pages/content automatically and expect some kind of pay-off. This is not true as users like to experience a more natural, personal build of a relationship than simply responding to one-dimensional robotic posts.

Barely Sharing: The entire construct of your relationship with your audience is through sharing content and information. You must put in the effort of getting to know your audience and in-turn them getting to know you. This is achieved by the content you choose to share and post. Additionally, it is also what you choose to share and post from what your audience shares. The more you pay attention to your audience the more they’ll pay attention to you.

Locked in One Mode of Posting: Plenty of business make the wrongful assumption that they can post the same thing over and over again. This is monotonous and limiting in several ways. First the lack of diversity in your posts can lead to lower interests of your business. Find different ways of engaging your audience either through sounds, videos, images, articles, links, etc. that stimulate them rather than pumping out the same thing over and over again.

Spamming: Do not, repeat, DO NOT overwhelm your audience with links to your website. This is an easy pitfall a business can get wrapped in as they can be over eager to promote their brand. Such self-serving links are usually perceived as spam and seldom generate any significant traffic. In fact doing too much of it may cause your website to be penalized by Google which would be a huge blow to your SEO. Therefore, do not spam.

Inactive Pages: If you do not keep abreast and update all your pages, yes all of them, then you will experience a drop in user rate. People enjoy hearing, reading about new things, especially on social media. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to let the public share in whatever new activities or news your business has.

These pitfalls serve as a guide of what not to do when entering the intimidating world of social media. Use them wisely and you’ll experience the benefits social media was designed for.

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