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Significance and Use of Content Curation Tools

Like with information content curations tools are quite copious, so much to the point where they seem a little superfluous. You can commence your content curation by choosing from a multitude of the best tools that are readily available. Be aware that you may already have some useful tools already at your disposal such as websites and information sources you may already be using. You will soon learn how to add particularly designed tools for content curation to your portfolio. One of the most accessible and user-friendly tools is Storyfy. This is an exceptional tool that works well with social media platforms like Twitter and Pinterest. The tool is especially adept at sharing images and videos. In order to use it, all you have to do is search among the several social media platforms and drag the elements you want into your story. You have complete control over what order you decide to organize things in as you make the best possible choices of providing your readers with context. Moreover, if you’d like to create a collection of curated content that has an attractive visual appeal then you should definitely consider using Pearltrees. This tool is very effective because it enables you to present your content in a manner that has a lot of visual value and appeal and is very easy to follow and use. Using this tool you can create a ‘tree’ diagram as you find and collect content, you can add it to the tree. Now with BagTheWeb, you not only can curate specialized content, but also create networks of that same content by connecting your ‘bags’ of information, making it a valuable option. Having the ability to not only curate different and specific topics, but also bind them together by connecting them produces a full, enhanced, complete experience for your followers, viewers, and target audience. Another useful tool that enables you to find information that is very specific and close to your niche is This tool comes with a dashboard you can utilize to manage and control a variety of sources like social media, RSS feeds, and numerous websites. All you have to do is plug in date parameters and relevant keywords then you’re good to go. By using this tool you will receive a constant feed relevant and specific to the kind of information you are looking for. The only drawback is to access you need an invitation. The whole point behind content curation tools is that they allow you to keep track on the content you have so carefully created and shared. Using any or all of these tools will help make your job simpler, quicker, and more effective.

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