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Supporting Your Online Business via Social Networks

The advent of social media has taken people and businesses alike to a whole new level of communication and the ability to exchange information. The sheer ability of having round the clock access to your customer and vice versa is a milestone beyond any tangible recognition. Advertising now has been trimmed down and surmised in one or two sentences or even words that immediately let customers know what you’re offering and when you’re offering it. Phrases like “for a limited time only,” “shop online and get a free gift,” are only some of the modern jargon businesses use online today. Moreover, each and every customer and potential customers who have smartphones, tablets, or any other device that connects them to the Internet can view your ads at anytime and from anyplace. It is most likely people will encounter your ads and business itself on social media, more specifically Facebook. Social media serves as a great marketing tool for businesses as it allows them to share information on their products/services, keep their audience informed with all the latest updates and news, hours of operation, customer service hours, and the ability to answer any customer questions or inquiries on the spot. Your Facebook page will also be accessed and viewed by many users on mobile phones. Therefore you need to satisfy both customers who log on using a regular PC/laptop and those who log on with their phones. Always try to keep things fresh and interesting. Send out promotional offers every other day of the week or so. Engage your customers by posting photos of your products and quality content about your business to spark their interest.
You can also build your business through other forms of social media. Twitter gives you the opportunity to interact with your audience in real-time. Using its features you can tweet all the happenings within your business sweetly and concisely. Twitter acts as a direct news line to all your users profiles, helping you remain in close contact with them.
Additionally while Twitter and Facebook are certainly the most popular and most used of social media platforms they are from being the only two around. Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ are other examples of social media that your business can explore and use. It may be difficult to choose from all these options, however understand what social network your target audience uses and then set-up an account on that platform. The more people get to see and interact with your business pages through social media, the higher your conversion rate will be. Therefore, if you are looking to expand your business, form bonds and connections with your target audience, and generate higher sales and revenue then harnessing the power of social media is key

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