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Social Media Marketing Make Overs in 2015

It is no surprise the world of social media is susceptible to change; seeing how change is one of the core fundamentals social media operates on. Additionally, change in social media marketing is an aspect every business should keep close tabs on. As social media marketing is a vital component to all online business, big and small, it is imperative to be on top of things as they change and not fall behind. Therefore, in the effort to further promote your brand online, it behooves you to focus your attention in the right spots.
Below are a few changes your business can prepare for as we get deeper and deeper into 2015:

1) Video Marketing Heading to Facebook: In recent years, YouTube has witnessed a high influx of Facebook related posts when it comes to video content. Therefore, 2015 could very well be the year in which YouTube falls second to Facebook as a leading online source for video content and information. Yet as a savvy online business owner you’ll know how to split your time uploading and posting video content of your business on both video powerhouses. Rather than restrict yourself to one, you strengthen your brand by utilizing both social media giants. And even though YouTube is beginning to lag behind Facebook in the realm of video content, it still has millions and millions of users visiting its website on a daily basis.

As you continue to make double video posts on both social media sites it is also in your best interest to keep your video content short and crisp. Viewers will be quick to lose interest in a lengthy video post. Therefore, post often, but keep it short and to the point. In fact, it may be worth it to invite your customers to post videos on behalf of your business. This is a terrific way to engage your audience and help spread your brand image.

2) Excess of Paid Advertising: As shifts continue to take place on the social media marketing landscape, websites such as Facebook and Twitter are now offering businesses paid advertising options. Due to the complexity and irregularity of ad algorithms, it is now almost impossible to guarantee that your customers and potential customers will see your advertising in their news feed. But now social media networks are beginning to offer more paid advertising options in order to make businesses more noticeable by users.

Unfortunately organic promotional content is experiencing a steady decline as competition grows, which could press many social media marketers to start paying for advertising in order to remain relevant on social media.

3) Staying Focused on Your Niche: It is beyond impossible to keep an active, engaging profile on all social media accounts. Attempting to do so would only exhaust your resources and not be the most beneficial decision. Therefore, be sure to focus your undivided attention on the social media websites that are gaining the most traction for your business. If Facebook and YouTube are where you connect and interact best with your audience, continue to improve on those networks. Do not venture onto another social media network that gives you so little in return.

By keeping such changes in mind and working them into your overall social media marketing plan, you will tremendously help keep your business afloat and relevant for the entirety of 2015.

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