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Barakat Real Estate


Introduction to the client: Barakat Real Estate is an old real estate company based in Alrehab city, Cairo, Egypt. Barakat was established just after the Rehab city was established and has now branches in the city of Madinaty as well.

Challenge: Rehab city is known for its real estate services, short-term and long-term rentals, investment in real estate and peaceful living away from Cairo hassle. This brings regular business to real estate agents in Rehab city and Barakat were trying to capture part of this business. Because of a large number of already established real estate agents, Barakat was finding it hard to survive. This is when they contacted IBIS Branding.

Our approach: Our market research team did extensive research on real estate business in Rehab & Madinaty City. Based on their finding, it was revealed that almost none of the existing real estate businesses were using digital & web marketing in their overall marketing strategy.

Our team suggested them to change the name from Barakat Real estate to a more generic name that represents the actual service and hence was suggested and purchased. The site was developed both in English and Arabic languages to facilitate local investors and foreign short term visitors.

Care was taken to make the site as user friendly as possible for the one who wants to sell, rent or purchase the real estate.  The property add module was developed by our technical team that was programmed in a way that anyone who ads the property, gets most of the information related to group, design etc automatically. That helped a lot to those who wanted to add their property with little effort. Hot properties and recent properties were shown on the homepage with rotating function so anyone coming to the site can have several options to choose from.

All URLs and the content of each landing page was optimized. Other website marketing activities including blogging, forums, link building and directory submission was done regularly. The proper sitemap was created and submitted to major search engines. Brand reputation was created using online review sites and comments.

Email marketing was used as one of the preferred methods to reach local and Middle East customers. We used our in-house database of 6 million emails divided by countries and eblasts were made. Refreshing colors were used in logo and overall theme to make Barkat a recognized brand in the long run.

Today 50% of the revenue of the office is generated through its website. Website is ranking high in Google for all the related keywords in real estate and Rehab. The company is well branded now and still one of our clients in growing their business to further heights.