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Introduction: Digg Find is a wholesale fashion jewellery seller based in China. They export jewellery to all countries globally and have a wide range of categories to choose from. The rely upon their eCommerce system to do most of their sales.

Challenge: Digg Find is a longstanding client of IBIS Branding. They found us from search engines and contacted us to help them increase their sales through digital marketing. In 2010 when online jewellery stores were increasing in great number every day and China had a big chunk of artificial jewellery sellers, branding Digg Find in that crowed was quite challenging.

Our approach: As a part of IBIS Branding strategy, the first thing is to do a thorough research on the client business and setting logical goals based on client’s desire and IBIS strategy. Major competitors were researched thoroughly and it was found that if eCommerce solution was implemented on the site, it will help international buyers buy with just a few clicks of mouse and also it will help us track the sales process through targeted funnels.

Search engine optimization was at the forefront of IBIS strategy for branding Digg Find. We did a thorough keyword research and the keywords were grouped based on the competition level and traffic generated. In high competency keywords, it’s always advised to crack them slowly without sending signals to search engine or leaving any footprints. Hence the keyword cracking was started with the long tail keywords that had less competition to start getting organic visits in short run. The strategy used was based on Google’s recommended LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

Within three months, the site started generating regular business and the SEO was carried out to further depth by targeting hard line keywords with authority hard earned links. Today Digg Find is enjoying a great deal of revenue through its eCommerce website using our website marketing strategy and we are still in business with them.