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Dima Tourism


Introduction to the client: Dima Travels is an eight year old company based in Egypt and has been providing religious and leisure tourism options to local and foreigners using direct sales methods.

Challenge: Dima tourism has been striving to keep up to the competition in both local and international markets, but after the recent revolutions, the inbound tourism has been reduced considerably and they had to find alternate ways to generate income.

Our approach: IBIS Branding expert team had several meetings with the owners and stockholders of the company to understand their requirements and how they work. It was suggest to change their website name, completely revamp it and create a strong social media presence. IBIS took the whole branding process as the project and created a new stylish corporate identity for Dima Tourism. Our developers also created a web application where their in-house team can manage, update, add or delete any hotels they want, hence managing everything from one back-end. We also created web app for their flight system based on their requirements and the client is quite happy and gaining reputation in the market for its innovative approach to tourism services.

IBIS also helped them spread their word out through our email marketing campaigns, Facebook and other social media ads, print ads, designing work and other turn-key branding solutions to get the word out through press releases, public relations, search engine optimization and blogging. The work was finished in the last quarter of 2013 but Dima is gaining trust and reputation in the local market rapidly and we expect their revenue to grow many folds during coming months.