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Introduction to the client: Health Imaging Hub is global leader in medical imaging and healthcare IT news, training and online education, based in Texas. Hub provides an array of services to radiologists and medical imaging experts through its online portal and is a preferred destination for decision makers in imaging industry.

Challenge: Health Imaging Hub started setting its feet in the international market in 2009 when the site was first launched. Several strong competitors like Auntminnie, Diagnostic Imaging, Medic Exchange were already settled in the market with over 75% of the total market share. Health Imaging Hub chose IBIS Branding to completely reform their digital marketing strategy and branding layout in coming years.

Our approach: Competitors of Health Imaging Hub were analyzed thoroughly through our market research team. It was found that Auntminnie is mainly depending upon the news updates and online education, where was Medic Exchange were more strong in their online market place and business directory. Based on our suggestions, the Health Imaging Hub portal was revised and divided into three main groups viz; news and updates, online education and eLearning & business directory / market place.

Each of the above three divisions were managed independently within the portal, giving user a sense of using a portal that was one-stop-shop for all their needs. Health Imaging Hub was branded gradually to be one destination for news, education and market place. Logo was redesigned with strong hot colors to make it different and unique in the competition. The logo & website theme became a brand recognition later during the global events.

Health Imaging Hub has been growing rapidly since we started its branding in 2010. Now, the Hub is considered to be the one of the top three global portals in medical imaging with over 35,000 unique monthly visitors and over 200,000 page visits per month. Hub enjoys about 20% of the market share after the giant Auntminnie that takes about 30% of the market.

Because of the nature of the educational site, LinkedIn was used as the preferred social media to keep public relations and attract niche visitors to the site. Today Hub’s LinkedIn has a great network of friends in medical imaging niche and its message reaches to all these decision makers with one click of a mouse.

A special emphasis was given to opt-in email database through the portal. Today Hub has over 15000 subscribed visitors to their weekly newsletter and its growing. Unique email campaigns and template helped in branding process.

The owners and the management of the Hub are quite satisfied with IBIS branding efforts and are a regular client in promoting their online services. Because of the increase in market share, today Hub is enjoying competitive ads from medical imaging companies and increasing its revenue steadily.