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Introduction to the client: Wrappz is an old client with over 5 years of brand management through IBIS Branding. Wrappz provides custom skins, cases, covers, & stickers for mobile phones, playstations, tablets, iPads and other handheld devices.

Challenge: When Wrappz started their business, the market had several strong competitors selling all the products that Wappz wanted to sell. They wanted to increase their sales to justify the investment and have better ROI including branding costs. They wanted to be the leader in mobile phone skins in the UK market and be known as the unique and classy seller of cases and covers for electronic gadgets.

Our approach: IBIS Branding team thoroughly evaluated the competition, current situation of the market at that time and the ways to win competition using digital marketing. The old structure of the site, that was not search engine friendly, was changed altogether into a more consistent and hierarchical way to make it easy for both visitors and the search engines to find deep pages for each gadget with maximum two mouse clicks from the homepage.

Wrappz was also branded in the local market through competitions, prizes and affiliate programs with brands like Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Marrisons’s. All this was done through the main website and affiliate marketing codes were generated for easy tracking.
Social media power was harnessed through our expert team. Facebook, Twitter, on-site blog and microsites were created reflecting the brand image. Brand reputation was created through forum comments and review sites.

Unique themes were created in both digital and print media to give the brand a unique look and convey the same message over and over till the brand was well recognized for its unique quality and fast delivery.

The website was optimized for each gadget and each product by creating different landing pages. Each page was optimized for its relevant short and long tail keywords. Natural links and social signals were drawn to these pages gradually, and over time the site has been ranking for most of the industry keywords for several years now, and the sales revenue from digital marketing was increased exponentially within one year of branding activity.

Branding is a continuous process and competition keeps growing. Pepsi spends about 40% of its revenue in advertising and branding even though it’s a famous brand, reason being that they dont want the competition to eat them out gradually. Wrappz still enjoys our branding services and happy with the outcome of our efforts.