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Partnership between Private and Public Sector of Dubai Critical for World Expo Success

Partnership between Private and Public Sector of Dubai Critical for World Expo Success
Since Dubai won the opportunity to host the World Expo in 2020, an alarmed group of Dubai’s key decision makers regarding the event spoke in agreement on the grave importance of merging private and public sectors of their society in order for World Expo 2020 Dubai to come to full fruition.

“The public and private sector cooperation will be key to a successful Expo 2020,” said Director General of the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DDTCM) and a key figure in Dubai’s bid for the Expo, Helal Saeed Al Marri.

“Private and public sectors should build a strategic partnership and work together to facilitate and support the hosting of this event successfully,” he added.

Additionally, Al Marri also emphasized the importance of having a good line of marketing for the event, equal business opportunities, activities and services provided throughout the country that work to serve both private and public sectors.

“This will help to attract more businesses, investments as well as visitors to the country, their numbers expected to reach 20 million by 2020,” commented Al Marri.

Furthermore, while infrastructure, government, and local and international support were pleased with Dubai’s win, Al Marri said: “We should go ahead with further developments across the country’s roads, bridges, airports, transportation, hospitality to cope with the size of growth and demand that the UAE is expected to witness by 2020.”

He suggested extending the operating hours of the Dubai Metro as one of the many points that will be discussed and considered in preparation for the World Expo event.
“Maintaining a safe environment across the country as well as transformation into eGovernment is definitely part of Dubai’s effective strategies for hosting Expo 2020 which will enable businesses and visitors to come to Dubai and attend the event.”

Moreover, Divisional Senior vice president, Corporate communication for marketing and Brand at Emirates, Boutros Boutros noted that although Dubai already has a reliable infrastructure, further improvements will be made as the country approaches 2020.

“Dubai will be linked to more destinations, and 200 more aircraft will be added to the Emirates’ fleet then. On an annual basis, Emirates allocates Dh1 billion for sponsoring major global events, and another Dh1 billion for promotion and advertisement. The total of Dh2 billion represents two per cent of the company’s overall returns. Emirates will play a major role in supporting and marketing Dubai Expo 2020,” said Boutros.

Senior Vice President for Corporate Communication and Tournament Director, Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship, Salah Tahlak, verified that the aim of promoting Dubai and all other extracurricular activities planned to take place at Expo will play a large part in contributing to the wealth of the country and benefit both private and public sectors.

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