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Some business owners truly believe that a corporate identity design is just simply having a recognizable logo that represents the values and quality of their business. While this may be true it is however, only one small component, as numerous factors go into building a strong identity for your business.

At IBIS Branding our sense and outlook on a strong lasting and unique identity is how you would like the international market to recognize your product or service and how we can facilitate that goal.

It consists of a logo, symbol, tagline and various sustaining tools such as the company letterhead, website, business cards and etc. which are completely administered by some rules and regulations. Such rules manage and guide how the corporate design is applied and permitted for color palettes, page-layouts, typefaces, menu cards, printed pieces, uniforms, product packaging, store furnishing and such things, over media applications that uphold visual stability and recognition.

Our concept of a unique identity is a reflection of a business’ character, personality, culture, its products or services, therefore inspiring trust in customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and investors. Usually, an effective identity requires time and patience to develop, thus we take our time with meticulous precision to ensure you and your business get the best corporate identity design possible; for our approach to corporate identity design aims to convey your business’ brand that sets you distinctly from the rest of the competition within the market.

The Importance of Corporate Identity

In the competitive market world in which customers have an infinite number of options available to them, a business must have a line of attack to set up a solid presence in the marketplace. Consequently, in order to a build a strong corporate identity design we help a business achieve these necessary business objectives:

  • IBIS Branding helps in ‘Building Corporate Persona’: We know that first impressions always carry the most impact. Individuals tend to judge a product, service or a business from what they see and feel upon first glance. Therefore our goal is to develop and produce an effective identity that stands out from their competitors and leaves a notable imprint in the customer’s heart and mind.
  • IBIS Branding helps in cultivating ‘Consumer Loyalty’: A consistent identity reflects the ethos, values, and visions of a business. Such philosophy which customers discover to be in accordance with theirs, feel more connected to a business and are more likely to give their loyalty to that business. IBIS Branding helps nurture these feelings to last a customer’s lifetime.
  • IBIS Branding assists in ‘Business Enhancement’: A strong unique identity persuades customers and their purchasing decisions. IBIS Branding uses its knowledge to create a corporate identity with an effective and affirmative impact which in turn generates a positive image of the business in a customer mentality.

The business world is rapidly changing. For most companies the competition for a share of the market is fierce. This has made corporate identity design as one of the most important factors for a long-term business success. Strong identity is the quintessential component in successful marketing management. Businesses need to possess their own corporate identity. As corporate design professionals we can help your business formulate attention snatching logos, remarkable business cards, stylish letterheads, engaging envelopes, eye-catching brochures, and more identity essentials.

Businesses should invest in corporate identity to establish trust, a strong sense of value, and a long-term connection with customers; a sentiment that has long been expressed and shared at IBIS Branding.