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IBIS Branding Digital Marketing Services


Nowadays, digital or internet marketing has become one of the most effective and efficient promotional tools around the world. Almost every small business and multinational company is focusing more on online marketing instead of using traditional methods for marketing its products or services.

Here at IBIS Branding, we work diligently to facilitate your marketing needs, primarily online marketing which offers a milieu of marketing strategies that our IBIS team has mastered.

Internet marketing can be categorized into more specialized areas like email marketing, Web marketing, and social media marketing.

In email marketing, we provide high-quality promotional efforts and advertise your products and/or services through email messages to current and potential customers. More importantly, there is no direct cost involved in it.

Web marketing includes different types of websites such as affiliate websites, e-commerce websites, informative or promotional websites. Web marketing also includes online advertising on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, and organic search engine results through SEO.

In social media marketing, we thoroughly advertise and market your products/services on different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Digg, Stumbleupon, and many others.

The four Pillars of Online Marketing

Here you need to understand that there is no rocket science involved in Internet marketing; however, there are certain things that you have to consider them while doing internet marketing. Basically, there are four pillars of internet marketing success. IBIS Branding offers consultation, advice, and practical means in fulfilling each of the four cornerstone principles of online marketing:

  1. Relationship
    Having strong relationship with your targeted audience is the most important thing in internet marketing. Instead of hunting down new customers all the time, you should create such an environment that can benefit existing customers or readers and retain them. It is about having respect for your market & audience and focusing on their needs instead of what you want. Moreover, it is about focusing on creating a valuable experience for your audience. IBIS Branding offers a multitude of ways of having your online content connect and resonate with your targeted audience, helping you build healthy, strong, long-term relationships with current and potential customers along the way.
  2. Direct Response Copywriting
    Indeed, we stay side by side with the latest social media updates and trends, however underlying each and everything we do in social media marketing is solid copywriting methods. Initiating with an attractive title or heading and moving purposefully through the copy to an exciting call to action, conventional copywriting practice works remarkably fine in social media marketing. Traditional copywriting guidance can make a great difference between a business/blog that shuffles along and the one that truly flourishes in online marketing.
  3. Content Marketing
    Delivering a great content is the backbone of the Copy blogger formula. Unique and engaging content is considered as the fresh blood in the internet marketing. Always give audience to read something really useful. Always give great content to read, but in a planned and focused manner. IBIS Branding understand this and will go to great lengths to ensure your content is relevant, unique, and gives valuable information to your audience.
  4. Have Something Worth Selling
    Nowadays, everybody is selling something on internet. It could be a service, product, an interesting idea, or a valuable cause. No matter what you are selling, it has got to be worth the price that the reader is paying. Moreover, do not forget that the attention of a reader is a precious thing that is available in limited supply.These were the four pillars of internet marketing and all of them are strongly interrelated with each other. IBIS Branding ensures that none of these pillars is missing from your online marketing plan, allowing your business to get the optimum digital marketing effect.