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Google Adwords Campaign Management Services London, UK


IBIS Branding is Google partner in London, Dubai & Egypt. We are also member of Google academy in both countries. Through our agency account, we can run optimized AdWords service for your brand. We also provide you the full access to your account on our Google Merchant Account so you can see real time reports, track clicks & impressions and see the reach of your add and its effectiveness. Our highly skilled team and project managers will help you create most efficient AdWords campaign for desired goals within your budget.

Google is “the” search engines that provides you with the possibility of reaching the widest audience on the internet based on your demographic and business needs. Google AdWords campaign places ads in Google search results for related keywords and on its partner sites that will significantly helps you expand your reach in no time. However, if you choose to utilize such a service, proper Google AdWords campaign management is critical to your website’s success. With the help of IBIS London skilled staff, you are in safe hands for your Google PPC needs.

One of our most important areas of managing a campaign on Google AdWords is to select the right keywords for your business. As a result, these keywords will dictate on what searches and which types of websites your advertisements will appear. Therefore, we help you exercise a strong understanding of what types of words your audience will enter when they search. Keeping in mind that if the wrong keywords are selected then they will attract the wrong audience.

Our Google Adwords experts know how to match keywords by using the following methods:

  • Broad Match – Ads will come up regardless of the sequence of keywords entered by the user.
  • Phrase Match – Ads will come up when the particular keyword phrase is matched in the search query. The phrases have to be provided by encapsulating them in quotation marks for it to come up in a ‘phrase match’ search.
  • Exact Match – Ads will come up only if the keywords are matched in the exact sequence and form. Exact match keywords need to be provided by encapsulating them in brackets.

Each matching method has its own advantages. The broad match is good for producing high impressions, yet lacks the accuracy and preciseness that is found with phrase match and exact match methods. However, the phrase and exact match fail to generate the required impressions which results in less potential customers being targeted.

Our strategy for matching keywords is to analyze the requirements of your business and the nature as well as size of the target audience so that the broad match method may be utilized for generating higher impressions and traffic, while phrase and exact match methods may help you to get the desired return on investments.

In order to further enhance your Google Adwords campaign, we employ Ad variations to continually generate positive results. Ad variations make good use of keywords that can be inserted in a diverse set of ads groups. We test your ad campaign to see if the results are favorable and satisfactory or not. This will make us concentrate more on a campaign that serves to pay off for you and your company rather than pressing on with one that has no future.

Additionally, Google AdWords service also requires a good tracking and monitoring system for the campaigns that include paid ads. Using our monitoring and tracking technique will prove to be quite effective for your business because it will help you earn considerable income and ensure the success and popularity of your business.

The data collected from our tracking/monitoring system can used to help you have a thorough analysis of your campaign and can prevent you from acting on any questionable decisions. In this way we can compare, test, adjust, and upgrade the methods utilized making sure that your systems generate positive results. An interesting feature of Google

AdWords is that it allows users to stop the campaign, modify options and then run it again without any hiccups.

Put our Google AdWords knowledge to the test. We guarantee you will be extremely pleased by our results and efforts. Contact an IBIS Branding London representative today.