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As we continue to adapt to our changing times and re-imagine the way we present information, IBIS Branding thrives on adapting to our fluctuating world, shaping our business to meet the needs of our clients and their businesses. One example of change is that Internet access was once only accessible via computers. However, this has now progressed to a point where people can use just about any device such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to access the Internet.

At this point in time, more and more people are relying on their mobile phones to access, browse, and conduct business on the Internet. Such a major transition has compelled us to look at mobile phones with a fresh inventive eye and design strategies that make it so you’re company’s website can be fully accessed and viewed with no technical issues on various mobile operating systems and phone models.

Hallmarks of a Solid Mobile Website

When it comes to mobile website design, the well-known business phrase ‘Think big!’ doesn’t necessarily apply. For websites that are meant to be visited and viewed on a mobile phone we prefer to think small, but at the same time maintain the vibrancy and creativity your site offers to make it fit on smaller display setting systems. What we do is pick out key pieces of information, which then serves as the foundation of your mobile website and build content the rest of the content around that.

Additionally at IBIS Branding we value simplistic, straightforward approach as opposed to a grand, complicated approach as we’ve seen more favorable results produced by the former than the latter. Such is the case when it comes to mobile website designing. Cell phone users don’t anticipate developers to create complicated, flashy mobile sites; instead a simpler, easy to navigate design has been proven to better received and appreciated.

Fewer colors, less content and optimized images means pages will load much faster even if viewed on a 2G connection. The mere fact 2G is still used in many parts of the world communicates to us that designing mobile sites solely for faster connections will alienate and limit your customer base, which is not something we like to burden our clients with; therefore, our designs are 2G friendly.

With navigation, much of the style in normal web pages can’t be translated and applied to cell phones. It causes navigation to become difficult and turns off mobile internet users due to the amount of time it takes for a website to load. Web surfers are usually on the go which means they browse sites and check/send e-mail while literally on the move. We understand that time is precious and not meant to be wasted on browsing heavy websites. Therefore, our designs offer a light, accessible browsing experience that is pleasing to the user.

Following responsive web design is the key to allowing people access to your web pages no matter what devices they use as long as they have internet support. Devices aside, our websites are also accessible no matter what operating platform is used. This includes designing pages such that they can be read and navigated with a minimal of scrolling, panning, and resizing.

Mobile Device Detection is vital and forms the basis for whether a site optimized for cell phones can actually be accessed with ease. There are several MDD methods IBIS Branding offers for you to choose from.

Don’t let the opportunity to reach out to potential customers pass you by. Let IBIS Branding optimize your existing or create a new mobile-ready website that directs more traffic to your company and ensures high accesiblity and easy navigation on all devices that allow Internet access.