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IBIS Branding Promotional Items


Distributing or handing out promotional items can create a buzz for your company. In fact we’ve found that launching promotional items along with the opening of your business generates more interest and can ultimately give a company greater chances for success.

Additionally, some promotional items work best when they are distributed during particular parts of the year, while others can be handed out year round. In order to help you out we at IBIS Branding have a detailed list of our promotional item terms and services that are just waiting to give your business the boost it needs.

Promotional Items Offered by IBIS Branding

Therefore let us discuss some of the promotional items we offer and how they can help increase your sales regardless of the time of year:

T-shirts: This is perhaps our most malleable promotional item; as it can be worn during anytime of the year. It can also be worn around the house, at work, or around the neighborhood. In addition, we make it a point to finely illustrate your business’s name, logo, motto, or emblem on our custom made shirts. That way we ensure that your business gets the appropriate advertising it deserves when worn in public spaces.

Custom USBs: We help your business provide a practical tool for your customers. Just about everyone requires a USB to some extent in this digital world. Our custom USBs offer adequate amounts of space and are not too bulky yet not too petite either, which minimizes their risk of being misplaced or lost. Moreover, if people receive a promotional item that is of significant use to them, they’ll appreciate the effort which in turn can lead to an increase in sales.

Pens: This is another practical item your customers will appreciate. We at IBIS Branding know people enjoy using dependable, high-quality, sturdy pens and that is exactly what we offer. We also offer to place your logo near the base of the pen and the name of your business written in elegant cursive font on the side of the pen, yet done in a distinct, clear manner so it doesn’t appear the pen is solely covered in the name and logo of your business, as this is usually off-putting to customers.

Lanyards: This is another simple item that can generate a lot of interest for your business. We offer sublimated lanyards (with or without key rings) or those with raised ink accordingly.

Coasters: Again this item offers practical use, convenient, is good for all seasons, and is easily marketable. Additionally, we strategically place your company brand on the coaster so that every time your customers take a sip, they’ll remember you. You can choose between our custom made leatherette coasters, silicone coasters, ceramic coasters, bamboo and cork coasters and other selections.

Bumper Stickers: It is a well-known fact people have a tendency to look at bumper stickers while driving. We help your business capitalize on this by offering various designs of attractive bumper stickers with your company name and logo on them.

These are just some of the promotional items IBIS Branding offers. Our overall purpose is to create brand awareness through promotional products to give your brand the best chance at success.