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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


In the past, social media was not considered as an important marketing tool for some businesses.  However, times have changed, now social media has become a pressing need for almost every business around the world.  These days, social media is the main element of the marketing strategy of any business and IBIS London is at the forefront of the social media phenomena.

IBIS provides several reasons on why you should go for social media now instead of doing it later. Following are some of the reasons that would lead you to seriously consider starting social media marketing for your business, with the help of IBIS UK.

First, everyone is doing it. The reality of the situation is that almost everybody is using social media as it has become a major part of every individual’s life. Currently, social media is a powerful influence on the life of almost every individual who interacts with it. It plays a vital role in how people communicate with each other and most importantly, it is something that will grow further in the future.

Secondly, people like branding. The reality is that people love to be a part of any business that has a brand. Research shows that people in certain verticals prefer to give money to a business that has a Facebook page instead of a business that is working without it. Customers feel great when they see that a business is building a community for them.

Thirdly, distance yourself from the bad apples. As we, all know the use of the internet has become an integral part of every person’s life. With the growth of internet, many dishonest companies came rushing into online marketing in a quick scam to earn money by cashing the needs of people and leaving them behind when they’ve turned a profit. This leads people to be skeptical of a business they encounter online. Therefore, in order to distance yourself from the bad apples, the best way is to start a community and grow it in the social space with your core audience. The reason behind is that no bad apple is going spend time in growing an effective online community in order to build the brand.

IBIS London has always heralded and regarded community as the most important thing when it comes to achieving the maximum advantage out of social media presence. Community growth is the indicator of your business’s success. Strength of a community is the most influential branding force that plays an important role in the growth of any business off and online.

The Giants of Social Media

IBIS helps your business get started and stay relevant on the two giants of social media platforms:

Facebook: Facebook is the world’s largest and the most popular social media network where millions of people communicate with each other. This social utility connects people. If you are a business owner and want to get traffic on your business website then you can seek help from IBIS social media experts and the most out of this marketing tool. We can create your account and company’s fan page to promote your business in your targeted audience. It no question to find so many small, medium and multinational companies using Facebook for the marketing of their services and products, but yours can have the advantage of being run, developed, and consistently updated with IBIS London.

Twitter: Twitter is another popular social media network where you will find people from all walks of life. Celebrities have their own twitter profiles where they share stories and latest updates about them. Twitter has great potential for the businesses to earn good profit and get targeted and quality traffic to their website. Again, if you own any business then do not forget to use this powerful social media tool for the success of your business marketing strategy. Our Twitter experts will help your business reach trending status on Twitter, helping build your reputation and steering clear of spam as so many other businesses tend to do.

In conclusion, we can say that social media is a remarkable marketing tool to grow an online brand. An effective social media marketing strategy simply takes passion, patience, creativity, and most importantly consistency to keep things going in the right direction. Therefore, if you have not yet started the social media marketing then what are you waiting for; get in touch with IBIS representatives who are waiting to plan your social media marketing strategy and execute it to grow your business, increasing your ROI, today.