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IBIS Branding Website Localization Services

In today’s world, maximizing profit involves going and extending beyond national markets. Accessing an international customer base is crucial if a business wants to expand and participate in international trade.

‘Localization’ ties into to the act of altering a product to make it both usable and suitable to a target market. Website localization therefore refers to the process of taking an English, western-orientated, website and moulding it to conform to a foreign audience.

And because the Internet gives companies the ability to reach an international audience, many are realizing that a key step in successfully approaching and selling to an international customer base is through website localization.

Websites, such as those of multi-national companies, are often required to present their websites to a varied group of people. The first impediment is the language barrier. Since websites of multi-national companies, news portals, online auction sites, encyclopaedias, tailor to people of different linguistic areas, it is essential that they are able to express themselves properly. Simply translating the text from one language to another is not a viable answer. Much planning needs to be done prior to the launching of a new product or service. Local customs and taboos, cultural differences, and the right context need to be considered.

The answer to all these concerns can be found through IBIS Branding’s ‘Website Localization’ service. Through website localization, we make sure that your company’s website is not only translated, but is certain to meet the set requirements and the purpose of your customer base.

Additionally not only do our localization experts have extensive field experience, but also take care of quality assurance and regular updates from time to time in case of a change in the original website. Localizing audio and video, which calls for a fair amount of technical expertise, must be done as well. At IBIS Branding we take care of all your audio and video needs, adapting them to suit the palette of your designated audience.

The IBIS Branding Website Localization Advantage

As of today 32% of internet users around the world are non-native English speakers. With PC ownership and access to the internet most rapidly increasing outside of North America and Europe, this percentage will certainly increase even more. Our website localization service breaks linguistic barriers and opens provides pathways to other cities, countries, and people.

Companies are beginning to realize that English is no longer the sole international language but is one of many including French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. With the advantages of website localization, more pages in foreign languages are appearing on company websites than ever before. Which means if any company’s site has not undergone the localization process yet, it will be playing catch up in the future. Which is why our services puts you at the forefront of website localization, giving your business an enriched format that is useful and helpful to customers from all over the globe.

Additionally our website localization service demonstrates that you and your company are serious international players; it also shows you care, understand, value, and respect for different countries/people and their native language(s), giving your company international, as well as domestic credibility.

Likewise once credibility rises, so does revenue. It is natural most internet users will feel comfortable if they can read and learn about your business and its products and services in their native language. Many companies still make the mistake of avoiding the localization process and in turn lose large amounts of potential profit. In order to ensure exponential rise of revenue our localization team examines all the technical and programming elements of your website, all the while keeping in mind the cultural factors familiar and comforting to your new targeted audience.

Look to enhance your business. Our IBIS Branding team will help you penetrate the local and international market by our remarkable website localization and translation services.