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Key Internet Marketing Tips for 2014

Keeping up with all the latest technological trends and developments are a sure way to remain active and relevant on the internet market. Below are four ways to stay with or ahead of the competition in 2014:   Get a Mobile Website: At one point it was suggested that an online business have a mobile website,...
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How to Build a Basic Website for Your Business

Building your own website has become much easier and accessible over the past few years. What used to be a complicated, overly technical process has now been simplified with certain programs and drag and drop interfaces that require no coding whatsoever. In fact what's gotten even more complex and difficult is boosting your SEO ranking...
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Getting People to Leave Comments on Your Blog

Many different people blog for many different reasons. Some do it as a hobby, some do it professionally, some use it as a creative expression, while others use it as a marketing tool. Yet, no matter what you use your blog for, you can always spur responses from people and get them to engage...
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Five Reasons to Choose Open Source Services for Your Business

Open source services are loaded with the best advantages for any modern online business. With numerous businesses running partially or fully on the Internet and other heavily depending on digital media like their website to communicate with current and prospective customers, your space on the internet becomes even more significant. These five reasons below...
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Connecting WordPress with Facebook

Remarkably Facebook has one tenth of the world's population as registered, active users, making it a haven for promoting products and services to targeted audiences. Receiving maximum, even minimum exposure throughout Facebook can mean a lot for your business. However, there are certain limitations: Branding your image or company name, having a personal design...
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Boosting Reader Response in Social media

If you utilize the services of social media networks in the hopes of promoting and gaining profit for your business, then you understand the hard work it requires and the time and effort one needs to expend in order for your business to blossom on social media. It has been demonstrated that social media...
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Best Reasons to Spend a Little More Time on LinkedIn

As a business owner you are most probably aware of the countless social media opportunities designed to promote your business, expand your customer base and sales, and take your business to a higher plane. Now the obvious social media options are either Facebook or Twitter, but don't be so quick to dismiss LinkedIn. If...
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Best Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Website traffic is the core of any thriving online business. To a certain degree it is usually quality over quantity however, you still need traffic to flow to your website otherwise you're left with nothing. Here are four sure ways of directing traffic to your website. Read more