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Knowing What Click-fraud is and How to Avoid It

If you are a website publisher who utilizes the services of Google AdSense then you most certainly know that generating a large sum of income with this program takes time. There are no detours or short-cuts. However, certain businesses don't think they have the time to be patient, put in the hard work, and want...
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Key SEO Terminology Every Business Must Know

In order to succeed online, you must understand the concept of SEO. Moreover, you must also familiarize yourself with certain terms and jargon associated with SEO. By doing so you gain a clear advantage over competitors and can develop marketing strategies that further your business. Some of the most important SEO terms are: Read more

Improving Your Web Page Performance

Based on a recent study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, its been noted that having a one second delay in the loading time of your page leads to 11% fewer page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. These are numbers and percentages that you want to avoid at all costs if you run...
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Impact of Google Reviews on Your Online Reputation

There are numerous marketing benefits to be had from amassing lots of positive reviews, these are regarded by Google as reviews with a minimum rating of 3.5 (or better) out of 5 stars. Benefits of receiving positive reviews on Google lead to: - Positive reviews make it easy for shoppers to choose your business over your...
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How to Build a Basic Website for Your Business

Building your own website has become much easier and accessible over the past few years. What used to be a complicated, overly technical process has now been simplified with certain programs and drag and drop interfaces that require no coding whatsoever. In fact what's gotten even more complex and difficult is boosting your SEO ranking...
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How Important are Anchor Text Links for SEO?

A few years back, anchor text on links were vital components to SEO. The exact text in links determined how accurate and specific search results would be and this still holds true to a certain degree, as searching for "click here" still brings up the Adobe Reader website. However, Google bombing, which was a technique that...
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Google Rank and Google Authorship

Google Rank and Google Authorship share a few qualities, but are hardly the same thing. When it comes to Google Authorship, it is a tool that provides an assortment of techniques and methods that link your original content with other regions across the World Wide Web. Google Authorship also allows you to access information about...
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Effectiveness of Your Image Branding

If you've never wondered about the picture you upload and use in your image branding then perhaps now is a good time to start. Many business that have accounts set-up on social media sites pick and use a few pictures from its stock photos, publish them, and never think twice about it. This certainly...
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Digital Marketing Trends that Just Aren’t Worth It

While it is always a great business decision to remain up-to-date with all the happenings within the digital marketing industry, sometimes it is better to exercise judgment or a little bit of cynicism when a new trend comes along. Between every month or so a new trend will emerge. This trend will be filled with promises...
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