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Reducing Spam on Your Website

Where there is good, there is bad. The Internet can be used as a good example of such a saying. Unsolicited and unwanted advertising commonly known as spam continues to annoy and obstruct just about anyone enjoyment of accessing and using the Internet. And in absolute worst case scenarios large volumes of spam can...
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Connecting WordPress with Facebook

Remarkably Facebook has one tenth of the world's population as registered, active users, making it a haven for promoting products and services to targeted audiences. Receiving maximum, even minimum exposure throughout Facebook can mean a lot for your business. However, there are certain limitations: Branding your image or company name, having a personal design...
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Best Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Website traffic is the core of any thriving online business. To a certain degree it is usually quality over quantity however, you still need traffic to flow to your website otherwise you're left with nothing. Here are four sure ways of directing traffic to your website. Read more