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Key SEO Terminology Every Business Must Know

In order to succeed online, you must understand the concept of SEO. Moreover, you must also familiarize yourself with certain terms and jargon associated with SEO. By doing so you gain a clear advantage over competitors and can develop marketing strategies that further your business. Some of the most important SEO terms are: Read more

How to Build a Basic Website for Your Business

Building your own website has become much easier and accessible over the past few years. What used to be a complicated, overly technical process has now been simplified with certain programs and drag and drop interfaces that require no coding whatsoever. In fact what's gotten even more complex and difficult is boosting your SEO ranking...
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How Important are Anchor Text Links for SEO?

A few years back, anchor text on links were vital components to SEO. The exact text in links determined how accurate and specific search results would be and this still holds true to a certain degree, as searching for "click here" still brings up the Adobe Reader website. However, Google bombing, which was a technique that...
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Five Reasons to Choose Open Source Services for Your Business

Open source services are loaded with the best advantages for any modern online business. With numerous businesses running partially or fully on the Internet and other heavily depending on digital media like their website to communicate with current and prospective customers, your space on the internet becomes even more significant. These five reasons below...
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Common SEO Mistakes Even Big Companies Tend to Make

When it comes to something as strenuous and complicated like SEO expect to make mistakes. Some of the best companies that have been employing SEO for years have made mistakes so don't assume you are any different. Below is a list of common SEO mistakes a business can make. Take a look and learn...
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